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Downeaster Motel Calais

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Route 1 , Calais, United States

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Grenzerfahrung, Calais, United States travel blog


A travel blog entry by onthesunnyside

Voellig schmerzlos geht der Grenzuebertritt USA-Kanada bei dem freundlichen, jungen Mann der kanadischen Grenzwacht ueber die Buehne. Beantwortung einiger kurzer Fragen nach dem woher und wohin. Desinteresse seinerseits an unserem amerikanischen Gemuese, ...

Our First Border Crossing, Calais, United States travel blog

Our First Border Crossing

A travel blog entry by ramblinrecks


Oh, btw, sunrise here is at 0445am....are you kidding me, is the earth flat or what? Yeup, I'm up, thinking about this and Taproot for the last hour..... but that is another story.  We have been planning for this day for many months. What is ...

The adventure is about to begin!, Saint Stephen, Canada travel blog

The adventure is about to begin!

A travel blog entry by ri-riga2rome


Hiii! I've got my traveling outfit on, and I'm ready to go. Mom has gone on a maniac super skill packing spree, and my 45L bag just weighed in at 19lbs. The guidebooks say to keep it under 20lbs so I'm off to a good start! Heading to the airport soon to ...

Bend over, this won

Bend over, this won't hurt a bit

A travel blog entry by dejm3

Thwap! The sound of the rubber glove tightening on the customs agent's hand rang in my ears and reminded me vaguely of plebe year. Apparently, according to Julia, I act "all nervy" when answering the crossing guard's questions at the border.  And I ...