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Kaindl Hutte Kufstein

Kaindl Hutte Kufstein

3.50 209 reviews

Highway 95, Beatty, United States

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Death Valley, Beatty, United States travel blog

Death Valley

A travel blog entry by dandewey1974


We were planning on having an easy day today, but after driving both ways up the road that goes through Beatty and not seeing very much (well apart from a very dodgy looking brothel about 500 yards from the hotel!), we decided to head into Death Valley ...

Hoover Dam, Beatty, United States travel blog

Hoover Dam

A travel blog entry by dandewey1974


... past Las Vegas and somehow avoided the worst of the rush-hour. Managing by complete accident to end up on the right road towards Beatty, even though we were going in the opposite direction to what the map was telling us. Beatty is a tiny town in the ...

Split ends, Beatty, United States travel blog

Split ends

A travel blog entry by h2andblues

Took our time from the group so we could see death valley, we will meet back with them tomorrow in bishop ...

Saloon im Wilden Westen, Beatty, United States travel blog

Saloon im Wilden Westen

A travel blog entry by tripumdiewelt

... Wild-West-Whiskeyflaschen gab es Budweiser Bier und Jägermeister. Dennoch, ein toller Schuppen, die Leute waren betrunken, der Sheriff von Beatty rückte auch noch an und wir verewigten uns auf einer Dollar Note die jetzt dort an einem Balken hängt. ...

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Goldwell Open Air Museum

Goldwell Open Air Museum


Highway 374, Beatty, Nevada, United States




Off Highway 374, Death Valley National Park Beatty, Nevada, United States

A ghost town with real character, the town of Rhyolite was founded in 1904 due to what many believed to be a rich strike of ore, but alas, was not meant to be.

Last Supper

Last Supper


Beatty, Nevada, United States

DaVinci in Death Valley: Belgian sculptor carves his rendition of The Last Supper in copper.