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Canada Hates Us, Almost Canada, United States travel blog

Canada Hates Us

A travel blog entry by dane


... the following reasons... I forget them all, but one involved a drunken fight with a roommate. Well, in the States it was a battery conviction. But in Canada, they don't have battery, they consider it assault. And assault is a violent crime. And as ...

Chilkoot Trail hike: Day 1, Sheep Camp, Alaska (almost to Canada, but not quite), Canada travel blog

Chilkoot Trail hike: Day 1

A travel blog entry by floatnik


... finish that and our tent is set up, too, a welcome gesture, so we try to get some sleep for the big push tomorrow. It's almost midnight, but it's still not really dark; Terri thought to bring a sleep mask, but I make do by draping my small camp towel ...