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The End?, Dunton and Ayr, UK, United Kingdom travel blog

The End?

A travel blog entry by carolandthomas

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Wow, back in the UK, weird! Fantastic to see family and friends again and share our stories and catch up on the gossip. Starts to feel a bit like we've never been away which is a bit scary. The last 16 months have been absolutely amazing and we ...

How time flies while you

How time flies while you're waiting to have fun!!

A travel blog entry by lizandsimon

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... of you to list now!!) - Thank you for letting us use your postal address so that we do still have some presence in the UK!! Hopefully there won't be too many Bailiffs round!?! Also an advance thank you for taking us to the airport on Sunday for what will ...

Forward, not back, Chelmsford, UK, United Kingdom travel blog

Forward, not back

A travel blog entry by emanddave

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After a week at my parents we came over to Dave's after a minor change of plan regarding transport.  The car we were sposed to be borrowing fell through so have spent the last week trying to sort out what to buy etc with Dave's dads advice.  ...

Campervanning around, UK South and Midlands, United Kingdom travel blog

Campervanning around

A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

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We have bitten the bullet and bought a camper. It is a Bedford CF250 Autosleeper. It's great. We have taken it on a quick trip down to Lands End. It is not the fastest vehicle, but its ok as we are not in a rush either. We have also taken it to the ...