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Wandering road, Crowland, United Kingdom travel blog

Wandering road

A travel blog entry by travelmonster


We got up later than usual this morning and decided that we would take a leisurely ride home through the country lanes - so I look at the map book and decide upon a route. We pass through a village/town called Crowland where there is a ruined abbey that ...

The start of the adventure, Gedney Hill, United Kingdom travel blog

The start of the adventure

A travel blog entry by minicooper


Here's a picture taken the night before Amy and Myfanwy start their travels around Argentina. I still can't quite believe that Amy's packed everything into 2 rucksacks when she'll be away for nearly 6 months! She does love this bag! Bec ...

Saying goodbye, Gedney Hill, United Kingdom travel blog

Saying goodbye

A travel blog entry by minicooper


I thought I'd have a go at writing a blog entry before I set off, to, well, see if I'm able to write one with some sort of eloquence.    These past few days I've said "hasta luego" to Newcastle, friends, family, and while it's been sad that I ...

Guess the children

Guess the children's book

A travel blog entry by m8man


Much-loved children’s stories provided the inspiration for this year’s Crowland Abbey Flower Festival. The annual fundraiser in aid of Crowland Abbey returned to the historic building on Friday and ran through until Monday. This year’s ...