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A haunted Castle, Sutherland, United Kingdom travel blog

A haunted Castle

A travel blog entry by itsem

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With no idea of what we wanted to do for this trip, who ever wasn't driving would have a look at the lonely planet, or a random brochure we picked up and say "Hey, lets go there". It was this way in which Tracey hit upon the Haunted Castle. Not only ...

Loch Ness, Edinbrough, United Kingdom travel blog

Loch Ness

A travel blog entry by jennykelly

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Inverness to Edinbrough was a good drive with a slight deviation to Loch Ness to find out all about this monster. As Paula said "There's no monster in the Loch but there're plenty in this hoose". Lou says "The more you drink, the more likely you are to ...

More from sunny Scotland, Dornoch, United Kingdom travel blog

More from sunny Scotland

A travel blog entry by libbycav


... herself, buying secondhand furniture in a nearby town.  The gardens were just beautiful. Did I mention we went to the Sutherland County Show at Dornoch?  I liked the sheep and cattle the best, although the terrier races were pretty amusing. ...

The top of the UK, Melvich, United Kingdom travel blog

The top of the UK

A travel blog entry by jayton


Wednesday The day started out cloudy but as we moved further North it got better and warmer.  It seems that the trick is is to go straight to the top of the country to get the good weather. Not a long drive from Glencoe to here in miles, ...