Land's End

Land's End, United Kingdom

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Bath House Hotel Chard

Bath House Hotel Chard

4.00 456 reviews

Land's End, Land's End, United Kingdom

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The Normandy to Normandy, Irish Sea, Ireland travel blog

The Normandy to Normandy

A travel blog entry by byrnedm

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... was it was private and we were delighted and more than relieved to finally get to it because it marked, and always was going to mark, the end of the madness that has been the past 4 weeks, a 4 week period we won't be forgetting for a long while. The ...


Land's End and St Michael's Mount

A travel blog entry by marksadventures


... with a small village and castle. It's a very picturesque island, despite the grey skies we had today. We then headed to Land's End, the south-western most point of mainland England, and on the way back to the holiday house we stopped at Mousehole (what a ...

Cream by Post - Tour of Penwith, Land

Cream by Post - Tour of Penwith

A travel blog entry by darrenhough74

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... After walking around the cliff tops we continued on to Sennen Cove another pretty costal village. Just up the road was the infamous Land's End. It may be the most southerly point on the mainland but it just seems to ooze tackyness... we didn't even ...

Road between York and Land

Road between York and Land's End

A travel blog entry by guruzers


. ...

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The Relentless Sea

The Relentless Sea


Land's End, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom

Learn about the awesome power of the sea when you visit this hands-on exhibition that tells the story about man's struggle and heroism with one of the strongest forces on Earth.