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Christopher Hotel Eton

Christopher Hotel Eton

4.00 106 reviews

110 High St, Eton, United Kingdom

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mama I

mama I'm coming home

A travel blog entry by skye


Pouring rain. Lightning & thunder. More rain. This is, after all, England! But I'm not used to the rain, or the cold for that matter. I suppose it is a good transition though, since I am probably in for some snow in the near future! There have been a few ...

murder most foul, Caversham, United Kingdom travel blog

murder most foul

A travel blog entry by skye


Ben had a hockey game in Southampton on Saturday, so we all piled in the car to drive down for the day. The alarm going off at 7:30am came awful early for this chickadee, but I was at least semi-functioning anyway! In the morning we met up with a bunch ...

they speak English here..., Caversham, United Kingdom travel blog

they speak English here...

A travel blog entry by skye


On Tuesday I flew back to England from Madrid. The flight was uneventful, though a bit sad...looking out the window while leaving Madrid I wanted the plane to turn around and take me back! But, on to new adventures. I am staying in a place called ...

gobble gobble, Caversham, United Kingdom travel blog

gobble gobble

A travel blog entry by skye

Sunday we started off by checking out a local church, then after lunch we headed to Henley-on-Thames which is a very quaint town a few miles from here. They had a fantastic French market on for the weekend, all of the vendors were from Normandy and only ...

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Eton College

Eton College


Main entrance Brewhouse Yard, Eton, Windsor and Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom