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Stone circles, Avebury, United Kingdom travel blog

Stone circles

A travel blog entry by jenshaw

... and felt it was well worth the money. Who knew there was a Woodhenge before Stonehenge? Sigourney and Pelly love it here in Avebury and are actually somewhat reluctant to leave for home. Well as Chris says: I should be off to do some "panick, last ...

The Mysteries of Avebury, Avebury, United Kingdom travel blog

The Mysteries of Avebury

A travel blog entry by foothills_bears


... its trunk (which was completely hollow) and perched in its branches above. Back in the car, we drove to Avebury. What a magical place!!! Definitely worth seeing over Stonehenge. It is a quaint village surrounded by huge standing stones seemingly randomly ...

Avebury (Nathan), Avebury, United Kingdom travel blog

Avebury (Nathan)

A travel blog entry by nateandglenn


... about why it was originally built or what the people who built it believed in, but I can't blame them for being so excited- Avebury is a very special place, whether you're a new age hippy, a scientist, or just a plain old tourist. Our crappy 50 pence ...

Ghouls & Ghosts!, Avebury, United Kingdom travel blog

Ghouls & Ghosts!

A travel blog entry by joeljenaturner


As we were unable to walk amongst the stones at the 'Stonehenge' we ventured west to Avebury where we were able to walk amongst and feel the rocks that completed a huge circle around the town. While here we walked around an old manor that was thought to ...

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Avebury Stone Circle

Avebury Stone Circle


Avebury, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom

This mysterious stone circle is thought to have been constructed in Neolithic times between 2500 to 2000 BC by The Beaker people, who might have played a major role in the formation of another eerie ancient site at Stonehenge.