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Up and Atom Fallout Boy!, Chornobyl, Ukraine travel blog

Up and Atom Fallout Boy!

A travel blog entry by zullyzazaza

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... ; It was the first time in history that man lost control of nuclear power and it's affects still riddle the people of Ukraine and Belarus with thyroid cancer.  It cause the Soviet Union and all the world realize the need for nuclear transparency and ...

Chernobyl, Ukraine: Nuclear Fallout, Chornobyl

Chernobyl, Ukraine: Nuclear Fallout

A travel blog entry by samber

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... counter beeping to 10.5 which, at the time, we thought was high having not had much over 0.05 before that (0.3 is Ukraine's safe level). Within the dilapidated nursery floors were littered with paper, toys and glass. Once bright lockers hung from hinges ...

Nuclear, Chornobyl, Ukraine travel blog


A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

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... . Trees were growing through them. Brand new radioactive forests were everywhere !!! 20 Klm's later, we had arrived in the town of Chornobyl. We were still 10 K's away. I didn't understand this, I thought the reactor was here? Our guide gave us a quick ...

Apocalypse Wow!, Chornobyl, Ukraine travel blog

Apocalypse Wow!

A travel blog entry by ware_daniel


... ; Reaching over, I thought to myself, “that’s not the sound my alarm makes.”  Then I remembered, I’m in Ukraine!  Sleeping on the top bunk in a cool little hostel near the center of Kiev (or Kyiv to the Ukrainians).  ...

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Reactor No 4

Reactor No 4


Chornobyl, Ukraine