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Brown Pants Time, Masaka, Uganda travel blog

Brown Pants Time

A travel blog entry by irax

This is a top pick!

... in Uganda! This is something that I saw first hand and it's pretty scarey. It appears that the police are rather ineffectual in Uganda, due to massive under funding and very very poor pay. So when someone commits a crime against you, it's pretty pointless ...

Ssitting Sserenely On Ssese, Bugala, Ssese Islands, Uganda travel blog

Ssitting Sserenely On Ssese

A travel blog entry by irax

This is a top pick!

Two of our Ugandan hosts, Simon and Molly, organised a trip to the Ssese (yes, it does start with a double S) islands for us, very nice of them. All we had to do was turn up outside our hostel with our bags and be whisked away in a bus that they'd ...

My Favourite Statistics, Nkozi, Uganda travel blog

My Favourite Statistics

A travel blog entry by theresapitts

Very sadly, my time at Nkozi hospital is getting close to ending. I am so attached to the place, despite the sadness and poor conditions. I don't know how i'm going to leave. Thought I'd share a few of the statistics i've been collecting over the last 3 ...

School #3, Mityana, Uganda travel blog

School #3

A travel blog entry by mrm


Today we started our installation at school number three, Bukuya Secondary School, about an hour outside of Mityana. This is by far the most remote school, requiring an hour drive up a decent but quite bumpy dirt road. The school seems to produce some of ...