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Jinja Nile Resort

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P.O. Box 1553, Jinja, Uganda

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Joining the Jinja Tourism Board, Jinja, Uganda travel blog

Joining the Jinja Tourism Board

A travel blog entry by jsnicka

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... a tragedy, so I tried to think of how lucky I was to be enjoying it. The sun soon went down on our last night in Jinja as our time in Uganda came to an end. We had a local African lady come in to cook us a traditional dinner of goat stew, tilapia (fish) ...

The Death Pit, Jinja, Uganda travel blog

The Death Pit

A travel blog entry by jsnicka

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... the most I have ever felt like I was truly out in the world and backpacking. Driving down a red dirt/mud road in rural Uganda on the back of a locals 50cc motorcycle, with my backpack strapped on my back and my day-pack strapped to the bike. Little ...

Rafting With Ugandans, Jinja, Uganda travel blog

Rafting With Ugandans

A travel blog entry by djchurch

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... road, a causeway leading from life to death, and ultimately the afterlife. No where on the Nile is this truer than in Jinja, Uganda where after parting with a few dollars you can risk premature departure to the afterlife on some of the wildest white ...

Jinja...Adrenaline capital of Uganda............, Jinja, Uganda travel blog

Jinja...Adrenaline capital of Uganda............

A travel blog entry by alinmattrtw2005

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So, here we are in Jinja, our final destination in Uganda, tommorow we cross the border and take in 3 different towns in Kenya...Eldoret, Lake Naivasha and Nairobi. Since we left the Gorillas in the Congo and travelled back to the town of Kisoro for ...