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Acholi Inn Hotel Gulu

Acholi Inn Hotel Gulu

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4 6 Elizabeth Rd, Gulu, Uganda

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Gulu, IDP Camps and the Lord

Gulu, IDP Camps and the Lord's Resistance Army

A travel blog entry by djchurch

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... people working or volunteering for various NGO's operating in Uganda. Many of these were centred in the north, with Gulu being the most common place. As I lived in Uganda, I had been learning more and more about the LRA, the conflicts in the north, and ...

American Picnic, Gulu, Uganda travel blog

American Picnic

A travel blog entry by kwagssd3


... Alice's partner teacher) and I caught a boda and arrived precisely on time. There is a problem with arriving on time in northern Uganda.  When arriving on time in here, you are in fact one hour early. Alice was not even close to being ready. ...

"The Rhino Whisperer", Gulu, Uganda travel blog

"The Rhino Whisperer"

A travel blog entry by kwagssd3


Best way to cure hangovers....MUTATUS! Not! These god awful vehicles make even Ford's Model T seem revolutionary. To our dismay, there was no avoiding the Mutatus. Today was "Rhino Excursion Day." The Mutatus were the best option for viewing these ...

Ugandan Technology, Gulu, Uganda travel blog

Ugandan Technology

A travel blog entry by kwagssd3

Did I mention how much I HATE technology in Uganda? A tortoise could outrun a Ugandan computer. In fact it would even begin with a lead. Here were the factors standing against James and I in completing his report: A lethargic connection speed, ...