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Hosca Kal Turkiye!, Urfa, Turkey travel blog

Hosca Kal Turkiye!

A travel blog entry by edamame

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... (or maybe freaks?) when kids and grown-ups would come and ask us where we are from and request a photo with us! Turkey was fantastic. It's a truly beautiful country - the sights, people, and food are incredible. There are so many things to see ...

Hello Donkey, Money Money.., (Sanli)Urfa, Turkey travel blog

Hello Donkey, Money Money..

A travel blog entry by natandkat

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Greetings from Urfa and our last major stop in Turkey (we think). Confusingly Urfa is also known as Sanliurfa which means apparently 'Glorious Urfa'. And again it's also known as the Prophets City. It's one of Turkey's main pilgrimage towns as legend ...

Home of Abraham, Urfa, Turkey travel blog

Home of Abraham

A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

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... not missed much, so I hope she was telling me the truth !!! That was Urfa. It was nice and small, we are now seeing less and less of the Western Infidels that plagued Western Turkey, but we are taking another night bus. Suckers for punishment I say ...

Nemrut, Şanlıurfa, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by camel1


... , tomrrow I wıll head ınto Syrıa, mıssıng Mardın and Medıat, so that I can come back to Turkey to see them (wıfe wıllıng). Mıleage about 3650. Now upload pıcs and deep sleep wıth bıg ...