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Ephesus and sunbathing. Yes, sunbathing., Kucadasi, Turkey travel blog

Ephesus and sunbathing. Yes, sunbathing.

A travel blog entry by lynnster


... it had a waiter, but I felt sorry for him trying to go up and down the aisle. There are really no trains in Turkey that run anywhere so everyone takes the bus, including Turks. The bus station in Ankara is overwhelming... there are over 50 counters ...

Living the life at Atilla

Living the life at Atilla's getaway!

A travel blog entry by jubble11


... birthday central at Atill's with two birthday's each night. That means partying extra hard :) I can only say good things about the trip thus far, and it seems to keep getting better. My love to you all Over and out from Sulcek, Turkey Kraz ...

Saddam and Me, Kapikiri, Turkey travel blog

Saddam and Me

A travel blog entry by oldrover


... him looking straight at me, a quizzical expression on his face as if to say, "Are you coming or not?" I went. (1)Ancient Civilizations and Ruins of Turkey, Ord. Prof. Dr. Ekrem Akurgal. 10th edition, 2007 by Net Turistik Yayinlar San. Tic. A.S., ...

Priene: A Nice Place, Priene, Turkey travel blog

Priene: A Nice Place

A travel blog entry by oldrover


... street below. These days the street is frequently used by mobile sound systems very loudly declaiming candidates for the upcoming--Turkey-wide--mayoral elections. However, before going back to Söke I did my perhaps now familiar hike and climb around the ...