Sanliurfa, Turkey

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Dedeman Sanliurfa

Dedeman Sanliurfa

4.00 94 reviews

Ataturk Mah Meteoroloji St., Sanliurfa, Turkey

Rabis Hotel Sanliurfa

Rabis Hotel Sanliurfa

3.50 18 reviews

Divanyolu Cd. No: 61, Sanliurfa, Turkey

Hotel El Ruha Sanliurfa

Hotel El Ruha Sanliurfa

4.00 110 reviews

Balikligol Yeni Mah. Lekler Cad. No:240, Sanliurfa, Turkey

Hotel Arte Sanliurfa

Hotel Arte Sanliurfa

3.50 37 reviews

Ataturk Bulvari Sinema Sokak , Sanliurfa, Turkey

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Glorious Urfa, Sanliurfa, Turkey travel blog

Glorious Urfa

A travel blog entry by bakkepackers

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... weekend) to land. After a lot of squealing and bear hugs, the three of us hit the road and drove two hours to Sanliurfa, arriving a little after 11 p.m., exhausted by all of the travel yet energized by the reunion. Until 1984, Sanliurfa was simply "Urfa." ...

Troglodytes, orgies and the odd Arab, Sanliurfa, Turkey travel blog

Troglodytes, orgies and the odd Arab

A travel blog entry by the-rambler

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... Read: are you checking it out for some kind of attack?) It seems the beard is almost working better than it should. A Sanliurfa resident says Turkey has the headwaters, the control, and Iraq has the oil. Why don't they trade resources? Good question. What ...

Chapter 47: Holy carp!, Goreme/Mt. Nemrut/Sanliurfa, Turkey travel blog

Chapter 47: Holy carp!

A travel blog entry by easyread

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... of Swords Valley. After walking back to town I stopped at Yama Travel and signed up for a 3-day trip to Eastern Turkey to see Mt. Nemrut and Sanliurfa. It was an expensive package (US$125), but it was all-inclusive and covered a lot of ground, and it ...

Shenshashional Sanliurfa, Sanliurfa, Turkey travel blog

Shenshashional Sanliurfa

A travel blog entry by jambo

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... have cost $5 in Syria costs $25 here - even with a phoney student discount.    Our first stop is Sanliurfa, a recommendation from our fellow Jordan travellers Hamish and George.  The town's main tourist attraction is nearby Mount Nemrut, ...