Mt. Nemrut

Mt. Nemrut, Turkey

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Chapter 47: Holy carp!, Goreme/Mt. Nemrut/Sanliurfa, Turkey travel blog

Chapter 47: Holy carp!

A travel blog entry by easyread

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... of Swords Valley. After walking back to town I stopped at Yama Travel and signed up for a 3-day trip to Eastern Turkey to see Mt. Nemrut and Sanliurfa. It was an expensive package (US$125), but it was all-inclusive and covered a lot of ground, and it ...

Disaster. No entry up this dark bumpy passage, Mt. Nemrut, Turkey travel blog

Disaster. No entry up this dark bumpy passage

A travel blog entry by 2legs2wheels


... nearing 9pm and I had spent nearly 3 hours traversing 50 miles, I felt close to the conclusion. That was the wrong conclusion! Mt Nemrut is a mountain, as the Mt suggests, and in 62BC King Antiochus had a tomb sanctuary to himself built on the very ...

Mt. Nemrut, Mt. Nemrut, Turkey travel blog

Mt. Nemrut

A travel blog entry by baileyabroad


... nothing but God's beautiful landscape of mountains past mountains. If you look at nothing else on my website, look at the pictures from Mt. Nemrut. The view from the top next to all the ancient stone heads was one that may top the list of pretty places ...

from dawn to late night, Mt Nemrut, Turkey travel blog

from dawn to late night

A travel blog entry by kennellyturkey

Wow - up at 4:15 to drive the "shortcut" to get to the peak of Mt Nemrut. Driving up mountains in Turkey at night is harrowing. No guard rails, poor roads with high grade and lots of winding. We made it to the top and were greeted with a wind that was ...