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Discovering the ruins of Knidos, Knidos, Turkey travel blog

Discovering the ruins of Knidos

A travel blog entry by goodner


We made a quick stop in Knidos, since the winds were still high and we couldn't stay overnight here. Knidos had a couple of claims to fame: it was the home of one of the inventors of geometry, and it has some of the best ruins on the Turkish coast from ...

Knidos: It Ain

Knidos: It Ain't What it Was

A travel blog entry by oldrover


... so. It was something of a site of pilgrimage, especially to see the statue of Aphrodite of Praxiteles. (Praxiteles was a resident of Knidos, or at  least was born there, I believe). I spent my time as usual walking all over the place despite its ...

Even terug in de tijd (Sappho

Even terug in de tijd (Sappho's sprong)

A travel blog entry by psteerenberg


... plaats. Er is een haven aan de noord en de zuidkant en tegen de heuvel op ligt de 400 voor onze jaartelling oude stad Knidos.met zijn amfitheater , zijn tempels en huizen, een complete stad al je die wilt zien en dat allemaal aan beide kanten van de ...


I'm Ruined

A travel blog entry by trockie


... of geometry.  Where was he when I was in high school and struggling through all things mathematic? Another successful Knidos homeboy was , who designed the Pharos lighthouse in Alexandria, Egypt, which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient ...