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Saddam and Me, Kapikiri, Turkey travel blog

Saddam and Me

A travel blog entry by oldrover


... in Söke, while visiting the sites of Priene, Miletus and Didyma, I called him and told him I would take his advice and go to Kapikiri. Would he call his pension keeper friend and set things up for me--like being picked up by Emin at the bus stop in Bafa. ...

This Time the Monastery, Kapikiri, Turkey travel blog

This Time the Monastery

A travel blog entry by oldrover


On my walk back to my pension from the home of Saddam the Guide Dog, I saw a crenelated structure appearing barely above the surrounding rocks and off in the general direction we had been headed that day. I took that to be the monastery in question, ...

Monowalker on the Rocks, Kapikiri, Turkey travel blog

Monowalker on the Rocks

A travel blog entry by tonztosee


After being put to the test in cities such as Berlin, Budapest, Bucharest and Istanbul with all sorts of buses, trams, subways and trains the monowalker was confronted with hilly, rocky landscapes. We know that going up and down stairways is no problem, ...

Heraklia Ancient City "Heraklia ad Latmos", Heraklia, Turkey travel blog

Heraklia Ancient City "Heraklia ad Latmos"

A travel blog entry by alienes


This ancient town is near to Lake Bafa.If we talk about lake that was connected to sea,in other words until 1st Century BC it was a gulf and this city was a port city.After silted up by River Menderes,it turned to a lake.Also Heraklia ad Latmos -they ...