Hatay, Turkey

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Ottoman Palace Antakya

Ottoman Palace Antakya

4.50 390 reviews

Gungor Uydu Kent, Antakya, Turkey

Anemon Antakya Hotel

Anemon Antakya Hotel

3.50 54 reviews

Kavasli Mah. Iskenderun Yolu Ataturk Bulv. No:114, Odabasi, Antakya, Turkey

Buyuk Antakya

Buyuk Antakya

4.00 66 reviews

Ataturk Cad. No:8 Antakya, Antakya, Turkey

Savon Hotel Antakya

Savon Hotel Antakya

4.50 134 reviews

Kurtulus Cad. No:192 Antakya Merkez, Antakya, Turkey

Travel Blogs from Hatay

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Ramazan Ends, Antakya, Turkey travel blog

Ramazan Ends

A travel blog entry by kimandmartin

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... so struck up a conversation with Urs. The other men teased the Kurd mercilessly. Kurds are the largest minority in Turkey and although their teasing was good-natured, very real tensions do exist between the Turks and those of Kurdish ancestry. Just ...

I can see green again!, Antakya, Turkey travel blog

I can see green again!

A travel blog entry by tracystravels

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Left Syria today and arrived in Antakya, Turkey with my group.  The city is tucked into and running up some beautiful mountains.  It is such a nice change to have a change in scenery.  Seeing so many countries in such a ...

Antioch and the First Christian Church, Antakya, Turkey travel blog

Antioch and the First Christian Church

A travel blog entry by lraleigh

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... crops. From here, I left Monday morning for the Syrian border to get a visa.  I waited for four hours, as they needed to fax Damascus and get permission, then they stamped my passport and I was in Syria, after a couple of weeks in eastern ...

Kahramanmaras Cont

Kahramanmaras Cont'd and Hatay

A travel blog entry by muratcan

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... in Istanbul; as his lastname suggests, his father was also a watchmaker; he feeds the pigeons in front of the Ulu Camii. Travelled to Hatay with Pan Turizm for 18 YTL. The vehicle was unconfortable. Plus, we had to change vehicles in mid-way. I am ...

Attractions in Hatay

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St Pierre Kilisesi

St Pierre Kilisesi


Hatay, Antakya, Hatay, Turkey