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Istanbul, Fatih, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by chrisandhana


Well after a full two weeks trip around wonderful Turkey we arrived back in Istanbul for a couple of days of sightseeing. This time we stayed in Sultanahmet which is the "old" part of town and where a lot of the touristy things are. On our first night ...

Delicate details within enormity, Fatih, Turkey travel blog

Delicate details within enormity

A travel blog entry by jenny.fisher


Istanbul is vast. Home to almost 14 million people, its suburbs and area radiate out in two distinct European and Asian areas. Yesterday, we simply wandered around the area where our hotel is located. The Sultanahmet area is the old part of the city, the ...

Stressful decision time, Fatih, Turkey travel blog

Stressful decision time

A travel blog entry by jenny.fisher


Bruce wakes feeling achy and sore. I can feel my anxiety rising, along with his. We have to have a contingency plan for Croatia. Just over two weeks we are supposed to be riding bikes for 10 days. I hate changing plans. I can feel my resentment. Bruce ...

Photographing an optimist, Fatih, Turkey travel blog

Photographing an optimist

A travel blog entry by jenny.fisher


Yesterday we found a cafe named The Optimist Cafe. My lovely husband is such an optimist. We decided we had to take a photo of him in front of the sign! But do you think I could snap that perfect relaxed smile. No! Here is my attempt!! People keep ...