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Bible Stories

A travel blog entry by 2totango

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... of business!  So they stole away 2 of Paul’s helpers and rushed to the assembly theater (located in the city of Ephesus).  I can just imagine the great theater filled with angry men and the poor city clerk trying to shout over the noise ...

Hey Aussie, You Want Carpet ?, Selcuk (Ephesus), Turkey travel blog

Hey Aussie, You Want Carpet ?

A travel blog entry by natandkat

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... for you sunshine, maybe they'll make an Olympic sport out of it and you'll win a gold medal. Turkey 1, Australia 0. God I can whinge, let's get back to Ephesus shall we. In fact, let's not. If you would like any historical information on the ancient ...

Eleven Dollar Gas Anyone?  Artemis?, Ephesus, Turkey travel blog

Eleven Dollar Gas Anyone? Artemis?

A travel blog entry by lraleigh

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... of ruined columns all pointed towards Ephesus, the Asian capital of Rome.  At the time, Asia was only a small part of Eastern Turkey, but eventually became the name for the entire continent to the east, with Turkey known as Asia Minor.  As I first ...

Ephesus - Mary

Ephesus - Mary's Last Stop.

A travel blog entry by heatheravan

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Another series of local buses took us to Kusadasi, a resort town reasonably close to the ancient site of Ephesus which was on our "want to do" list for Turkey. The Temple of Artemis is one of The Original Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World. It took ...