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House of Mary, Efesus, Turkey travel blog

House of Mary

A travel blog entry by nate-n-amy


This is where the Virgin Mary allegedly was taken by John after the crucifixion of Jesus. It was quite small but set in a gorgeous landscape. When we entered there was a monk praying his beads in the back corner with a couple other women doing the ...

Basilica of St. John, Efesus, Turkey travel blog

Basilica of St. John

A travel blog entry by nate-n-amy


Our final stop before going back to the hotel was the Basilica of St. John, which some claim is built on the tomb of St. John the Apostle. This was the only day we got rained on while sight-seeing, but it was just a drizzle. We had free time to walk ...

Efesus (Ephesus), Efesus, Turkey travel blog

Efesus (Ephesus)

A travel blog entry by nate-n-amy


... it in terms of sheer magnitude and imposing presence. It can hold 24,000 people, leading archaeolgists to believe that Efesus once supported a population of roughly a quarter-million people. It is still used today for classical music concerts. ...