Sfax, Tunisia

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Les Oliviers Palace Sfax

Les Oliviers Palace Sfax

4.00 85 reviews

25 Avenue Hedi Chaker-3000, Sfax, Tunisia

Sangho Le Syphax Sfax

Sangho Le Syphax Sfax

2.50 77 reviews

Jardin Public Route Soukra, Sfax, Tunisia

Golden Tulip Sfax

Golden Tulip Sfax

3.50 102 reviews

Avenue Habib Bourguiba, Sfax, Tunisia

Borj Dhiafa Sfax

Borj Dhiafa Sfax

4.00 52 reviews

Route soukra km3, Sfax, Tunisia

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Tunis to Sfax, Sfax, Tunisia travel blog

Tunis to Sfax

A travel blog entry by lucinate

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... it is colder than Morocco. So where am I in January? We wanted to go to Libya though and the cheapest way was through Tunisia. The price of flights dictated our dates. At least there wouldn't be so many tourists around. How cold could it really be? ...

The Walls, Sfax, Tunisia travel blog

The Walls

A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

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... to fly !!! After leaving the aiport, we found our man who would take us to the Louage Gare. As this is Tunisia, we had a few sharks wanting to take us to Sfax, but we told them to fuck off, and our driver took us to the Gare. Once there, there was a ...

The Mother of all Mothers, El Jem, Tunisia travel blog

The Mother of all Mothers

A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

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... seats, so a little argument unfolded. A few push and shoves happened, and then we were on our way back to the gare in Sfax. Once there, back into the crowd we went. Gabsa, Gabsa Gabsa. Sousse, Sousse, Sousse. Djerba, Djerba, Djerba. That man was our ...

Kelibia to Mahires, Mahires, Tunisia travel blog

Kelibia to Mahires

A travel blog entry by london_to_ct


... 3000 years old. Its amazing to consider what these people achieved so long ago, and from what we have seen of modern day Tunisia, they could definitely teach them a thing or two about toilets and baths. We then headed south towards El Jem, and the best ...