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FU THE IGUANA SMUGGLER, Speyside, Trinidad and Tobago travel blog


A travel blog entry by modernoddyseus

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On Tuesday during Sailing Week in Tobago, I'd just finished a snorkel in Speyside when I stumbled upon a stone-paved path in the woods. I ventured in. Immediately, I spotted a bright green-backed bird with an orange bottom, perched not too far ...

Northward bound, Charlottesville - Speyside - Little Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago travel blog

Northward bound

A travel blog entry by passionfruit


David Rooks gave us a tour to the land of Little Tobago (Mazas Tobago), where unique birds habitat the tiny island.  Along the curvy wurvy road, we spotted breadfruit, and later dined on breadfruit casserole.  ...