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Eurgh, first night madness...., Bangkok, Thailand travel blog

Eurgh, first night madness....

A travel blog entry by reece_and_elle

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Koh san road will stay in my memories forever. What a night or what i can remember of it, we was only meant to be going out for something to eat and a few drinks. We decided to walk as it was only about 10 minutes away, that's if you know where you are ...

The Monsoon Cometh, Ao Nang, Thailand travel blog

The Monsoon Cometh

A travel blog entry by keithandkim

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... entire outside of the bag and you can still carry the pack like normal. They really help with the "baggage handling" here in Thailand. As we witnessed a few bags without covers get tossed and explode into a pile of clothes and belongings on the ...

What a Wonderful World.......27th May 2011, Bangkok, Thailand travel blog

What a Wonderful World.......27th May 2011

A travel blog entry by samphilpott

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In the words of Lennon and McCartney it’s been a 'long and winding road’ I’ve travelled since stepping foot in the ancient Inca capital of Cusco, Peru back in September 2010. I have travelled thousands of miles across 5 continents, ...

Day 88, Pt.1: The Aftermath, Ko Phangan, Thailand travel blog

Day 88, Pt.1: The Aftermath

A travel blog entry by sirrocko711

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I woke up drenched, shirtless in the sand, having deployed said shirt as a makeshift pillow and splattered with Unknown Liquid at some point while I slept. Not slept actually, half-hearted nap is more like it. I looked around, Jeff was nowhere to be ...