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Day Trip to the Burmese Border, Sangkhlaburi, Thailand travel blog

Day Trip to the Burmese Border

A travel blog entry by dane

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We wanted to make sure my parents saw as much of Thailand as possible, so we took a scenic day trip to Sangkhlaburi, which is a few hours west near the Burmese border.  The drive was nice and comfortable, and we enjoyed a leisurely afternoon having ...

A Stark Contrast, Sangkhlaburi, Thailand travel blog

A Stark Contrast

A travel blog entry by greenish


... are obviously nearing the border - they are after Burmese, not westerners, who they give no more than a polite nod. We arrive in Sangkhlaburi, a frontier town if I ever saw one and after a brief wander in the market, I run the gauntlet of a motor bike ...

Sangkhlaburi and the Lake, Sangkhlaburi, Thailand travel blog

Sangkhlaburi and the Lake

A travel blog entry by linzstoker


From Kanchanaburi we took a day trip to Sangkhlaburi.  (In case you were wondering, "buri" means "town."  That's why you've seen so many place names ending in it.)  It is just a few miles from the Burmese border of Three Pagodas Pass, and ...

As recommended by Bhan Thai, Boundary Road!, Sangkhlaburi, Thailand travel blog

As recommended by Bhan Thai, Boundary Road!

A travel blog entry by maby-rtw


... , as has been explained to use, is that the Thai government allow the Myanmar people to come across the border into the Sangkhlaburi area, but have security checkpoints on all routes into the rest of Thailand to ensure they don't go any further. ...