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Border Bollix, Kap Choeng, Thailand travel blog

Border Bollix

A travel blog entry by alasdairm

This is a top pick!

... few with some standing around in the fields as you would expect to see some sheep or cows back home. We arrived at the Kap Choeng - Chom Som border south of Surin in the late afternoon with me again only just woken up (eyeing all monks with suspicion ...

On the road south, Kap Choeng, Thailand travel blog

On the road south

A travel blog entry by steve_m


... !!  The bus is heading to the Thai-Cambodia border crossing at Chong Chom but we leave it about 10km before then at Kap Cheong where Dave and Max have a coffee shop. An Aussie is in the coffee shop with Dave and although I vaguely recognise him it ...

Entering a

Entering a 'war zone' - sort of ?

A travel blog entry by steve_m


... a blessing.  Unfortunately he was asleep when we got there !! Taking a long route backtoavoidthe awful road we return to Kap Choeng for a beer or two and something to eat before retiring for the night. We were planning on returning to Khamnadie ...

More military, more Khmer sites, Kap Choeng, Thailand travel blog

More military, more Khmer sites

A travel blog entry by steve_m


... fall down immediately without the heavy steel frame that now supports it and there is little else left here. We drive back to Kap Choeng on a very circuitous route along mainly dirt roads and are in great need of a cold beer upon our arrival to dampen ...