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10 Days of Silence, Meditation and Monastic life, Chaiya, Thailand travel blog

10 Days of Silence, Meditation and Monastic life

A travel blog entry by quest

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In Western Culture we deal with emotion very reactively. When we are angry we count to ten, punch a pillow or seek Anger Management to learn how to control our anger. When we are sad or depressed we seek the shoulder of a friend or struggle to hide the ...

Suan Mokkh Meditation Retreat, Chaiya, Thailand travel blog

Suan Mokkh Meditation Retreat

A travel blog entry by simonc89

... fill a room at the national library. He founded Suan Mokkh in 1932 near his home town of Chaiya in Surat Thani province, Southern Thailand. The monastery belongs to the Theravedic school of Buddhism in common with most of Thailand. The retreat ...

Downgrading, Chaiya, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by kieronmckeigue


A slight change then. I bid farewell to luxury and move on to Suan Mokkh Monastery. I knew that I was in for a grueling schedule, though I never quite got used to the 4am wake-up bell. What I hadn't bargained for was the wooden pillow on top of a ...

Mindfulness in Meditation, Chaiya, Thailand travel blog

Mindfulness in Meditation

A travel blog entry by ldillard


... ....we got to Surat Thani, ran some errands (i.e., post office and ATM) and then started asking around for buses to Chaiya the site of the meditation retreat center.  This is always an interesting experience because sometimes we arrive at the bus ...