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Messing about on the river, Bangkok, Thailand travel blog

Messing about on the river

A travel blog entry by fyrelizard

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... from a peanut-induced stomach upset, I dragged myself out of my nice air conditioned hotel room to explore the sticky steets of Bangkok. This time, I was determined to avoid tuk tuks and was armed with a much better map. I decided that the most ...

Sawadee Pi Mai!, Bangkok, Thailand travel blog

Sawadee Pi Mai!

A travel blog entry by wanderinwonder

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... lame in comparison to other cultures.  After two days of being completely soaked from head to toe we explored a little bit of Bangkok. Venturing to the famous Wat Pho to check out the world's largest reclining Buddha. It was a really neat sight to ...

Bangkok - Part one, Bangkok, Thailand travel blog

Bangkok - Part one

A travel blog entry by stephen.j.booth

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... nbsp;but stay away from the elephants etc, it's just plain cruel. We have had a couple of great nights so far, Thailand is definately a good place to meet other travellers easily, it was much harder in Vietnam. Thai food blows all other ...

Oh-man we

Oh-man we're in Bangkok (Claire hates this title)

A travel blog entry by jlaire

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... bout 4 years ago and no one in Englnd likes them) songs also playing loudly on the TV overhead its quite the introduction to Thailand. We go to bed very happy to be here and excited to meet our tour group tommorrow! 31st August: Claire jumps straight ...