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100 years ago the biggest town of Tanzania, Tabora, Tanzania travel blog

100 years ago the biggest town of Tanzania

A travel blog entry by travelwithjorg


... . We got along fine and could talk our native language (Dutch and Flamish) so decided to stick together for a few days. Tabora was once a major trading center on the railway line between Bagamoyo (the ocean) and Lake Tanganyika so many explorers and ...

Swapped one Irishman for another, Tabora, Tanzania travel blog

Swapped one Irishman for another

A travel blog entry by ritch

... GPS and ask a few directions, (although not too many people speak English at all in this part, which wasn't something I had experienced in Tanzania before), however for the life of us we couldn’t find the road to the airport. So we headed to the bus ...

Tabora and Livingstone, Tabora, Tanzania travel blog

Tabora and Livingstone

A travel blog entry by ritch

... photos of rolling stock and were then shooed away by security so it was off to Livingstone’s Tembe about 6 Ks south of Tabora. It was here that Livingstone and Stanley lived for a while. It was quite an impressive building in a Moroccan/Arabic ...

Inala village, Tabora, Tanzania travel blog

Inala village

A travel blog entry by katemoloney88


... ! Yup, stick with the chicken it's probably killed on site at the hotel! There is some abundance of certain fruits and vegetables in Tanzania, but not the variety we are used to. We have had to adjust to eating good meals, but very different from home due ...