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Stonetown - Zanzibar and spice tours, Stonetown Zanzibar, Tanzania travel blog

Stonetown - Zanzibar and spice tours

A travel blog entry by jonclark2000

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... I decided to finally take the camera out and take some snaps of the fancy doors and crumbling old buildings around Stonetown. It wasn't all plain sailing though. I managed to get a soldier and government building in one shot - the ...

Bye Bye Zanzibar., Stonetown, Tanzania travel blog

Bye Bye Zanzibar.

A travel blog entry by irax

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... stop in Stonetown for a couple of days, Afterall, why leave a little bit of paradise sooner than you have to. Stonetown's a great place, I loved the atmosphere of the town as you wander around streets which are effectively just little parts of one big ...

Zanzibar Island....Paradise??!, Zanzibar island...Stonetown and Kendwa, Tanzania travel blog

Zanzibar Island....Paradise??!

A travel blog entry by alinmattrtw2005

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... NOT just visit Stonetown, but make sure that you certainly explore it before moving out to other parts of the island. Stonetown was a fascinating town, with fantastic shopping for local African crafts, and stunning architecture, a lot like what you see ...

Zanzibar - Spice Island, Stonetown, Tanzania travel blog

Zanzibar - Spice Island

A travel blog entry by karenbrown

Zanzibar - Spice Island and tropical paradise! It is SO beautiful here, we arrived on Zanzibar at 6/7pm last night after getting the 'express' ferry from Dar Es Salaam which was supposed to take 1 1/2 hours but took nearer 3! It was an unhappy ride, ...