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Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania

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A Stretch back in Time, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania travel blog

A Stretch back in Time

A travel blog entry by bumihills


What a treat it was to visit Olduvai Gorge.  We wanted to get our old anthropology books out to remind us of what we had learned so long ago about early man. We visited there as we left Ngorongoro Crater and were ultimately headed to the Serengeti ...

Scientists Study Remains, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania travel blog

Scientists Study Remains

A travel blog entry by acuell01


One archaeologist who made important discoveries about prehistory was Mary Leakey. In 1959 she found  bones in East Africa that were more than 1.5 million years old. She and her husband, Louis Leakey, believed that the bones belonged to an early ...

Cradle of Civilization, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania travel blog

Cradle of Civilization

A travel blog entry by possnmark


... Crater through rain forest and dense fog and down the other side onto the hot Serengeti Plains. Stopped at Olduvai, an excaved valley where the Leakeys (British anthopologist couple) spent 60 years of archaeoligical exploration and discovered the ...