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Ngorogoro Crater, Tanzania

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Violence in Southern Thailand, Bangkok, Ngorogoro Crater and South Thailand, Tanzania travel blog

Violence in Southern Thailand

A travel blog entry by paul

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A few years ago whilst I was leading a group of young schoolgirls on a safari in Tanzania, we stopped to have lunch beside a lake in Ngorogoro National Park. The kids were all from Sydney, but one of them, Linh, had grown up for some time in Vietnam. We ...

Ngorogoro Crater, Ngorogoro Crater, Tanzania travel blog

Ngorogoro Crater

A travel blog entry by seitters


Ngorogoro Crater is a volcanic crater that forms a very large natural corral for wildlife. It is high altitude and large, roughly 12 miles across. The distance from the rim to the floor is about 1800 feet. It is the worlds largest unbroken and unflooded ...

Simba Sightings, Ngorogoro Crater, Tanzania travel blog

Simba Sightings

A travel blog entry by moinmotion


It seemed apparent when we arrived at Seronera campsite last night that close encounters with wildlife were more likely here. If the warning signs ("Animals may attact human being"!) and the gated, enclosed eating areas weren't big ...

Wildlife 101, Arusha, Serengeti and Ngorogoro Crater, Tanzania travel blog

Wildlife 101

A travel blog entry by mjlankers


Serengeti National park and the Ngorogoro conservation area has more animals than any other park we've seen thus far. Its truly incredible the amount of life running around wild in this part of Tanzania. Literally, at any point during this 2 day side ...