Bagamoyo, Tanzania

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Paradise Holiday Resort Bagamoyo

Paradise Holiday Resort Bagamoyo

3.00 3 reviews

, Bagamoyo, Tanzania

Bagamoyo Beach Resort

Bagamoyo Beach Resort

3.50 77 reviews

, Bagamoyo, Tanzania

Lazy Lagoon Bagamoyo

Lazy Lagoon Bagamoyo

4.50 112 reviews

2km from the mainland on a private island, Bagamoyo, Tanzania

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Weekend in Bagamoyo, Bagamoyo, Tanzania travel blog

Weekend in Bagamoyo

A travel blog entry by amandalynn


... Livingstone's body layed on his way back to London, we saw more areas along the beautiful beach, we toured the Bagamoyo museum which details the German colonization. Bagamoyo was the main passage for slave trade and coincidently the place that initiated ...

Coasting along TZ

Coasting along TZ's coast

A travel blog entry by ashah_008


Drove to Dar via Bagamoyo (lay down your heart), famous for dhow building and 13th and 15th century Kaole ruins. The Arabic ruins were quite interesting with ruins of mosques, tombstones and other buildings. A lot of the original buildings are still ...

The Daladala and Dancing, Bagamoyo, Tanzania travel blog

The Daladala and Dancing

A travel blog entry by amandalynn


... about the small daladalas but when the bus stop is so chaotic as it is, I was just happy to get on a bus going to Bagamoyo. And obviously I survived. So, that was Tuesday. Wednesday was very fun! I worked as usual, and in the afternoon my roommate and I ...


Mary's Nice Place

A travel blog entry by amandalynn


... it has chickens and goats and cats rather than drunkards.  It is very comfortable and still in a familliar location of Bagamoyo.  It is strange though because I was completely comfortable at Zukri and moving down the block seems to take some ...