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Owww...cramps in me ass, Istaravshan, Tajikistan travel blog

Owww...cramps in me ass

A travel blog entry by feckinirish

On thursday morning, we get up earlyto get a taxi to the north of the country.We get a good deal(we didnt have to is this possible??)for 120somani (about 35euro for a 10hr..or so we think..journey). Now we were in a MitibushiPajero 4WD ...

Tajik Hijak (Adventure), Khojan, Tajikistan travel blog

Tajik Hijak (Adventure)

A travel blog entry by mobile_mellett

... . Hour later walked the 800 meters passed stoned guards wielding automatic weapons to a little run down hut that marks the Tajikistan border. Five huge guards pulled me into the hut and asked me the standard Russian questions: where you from?, how ...