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Murghab, Tajikistan: Roof of the World, Murghab, Tajikistan travel blog

Murghab, Tajikistan: Roof of the World

A travel blog entry by samber

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... we passed through a police check point and bid farewell to the beautiful landscapes of Afghanistan. Now surrounded completely by Tajikistan we rejoined the Pamir Highway and drove through barren plateaus towards burnt orange and red mountains. We stopped ...

Langar, Tajikistan: Wakhan Valley, Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province, Tajikistan travel blog

Langar, Tajikistan: Wakhan Valley

A travel blog entry by samber

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... the Pyanj River. The Wakhan continues through Afghanistan and the Wakhan Corridor whilst the Pamir takes over as the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Horse treks and hiking through the Wakhan Corridor are meant to be incredible so that is now ...

Pyoraretki paimenten kesalaitumille, Murgab, Tajikistan travel blog

Pyoraretki paimenten kesalaitumille

A travel blog entry by iloinensancai

Lampaannahasta tehdyssa jurtassa vaari laulaa pienokaista uneen ja keinuttaa kehtoa vauhdikkaasti - tuollaiseen keinumiseen tottuneesta tulisi varmaan hyva merimies. Tytto laittaa tulta kaminaan ja isa opettelee englantia sanakirjastamme. Muodoltaan ...

Never ask a local the way, Karakul

Never ask a local the way

A travel blog entry by petcul


 Never ask a local the way... ...essentially because they want to be helpful. I spend an unprofitable morning going backwards and forwards along what turns out to be the road to Dushanbe being variously told yes, this is the way, no it's back to ...