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Meteorite Lake, Karakul, Tajikistan travel blog

Meteorite Lake

A travel blog entry by gearoids


... us.  After the departures and us all settling in we all headed off to see the attraction that brought us here.  Karakul lake. Formed by a meteorite . Its eerily beautiful. A dead lake. But again while I loved it, I was expecting something ...

Never ask a local the way, Karakul

Never ask a local the way

A travel blog entry by petcul


 Never ask a local the way... ...essentially because they want to be helpful. I spend an unprofitable morning going backwards and forwards along what turns out to be the road to Dushanbe being variously told yes, this is the way, no it's back to ...

Pamirin suurin jarvi, Karakul, Tajikistan travel blog

Pamirin suurin jarvi

A travel blog entry by iloinensancai

... avautuivat epatodellisen kauniit mutta karut maisemat. Loppumaton maara vuorien jonoja ja jaatikoita, kaukana alhaalla syvansininen Karakul-jarvi. Yovyimme jarven rannalla kylassa jonka nimi oli myos yllatyksellisesti Karakol. Jalleen yksi ...

High Altitude Karakul Lake, Karakul, Tajikistan travel blog

High Altitude Karakul Lake

A travel blog entry by johnkramer

... every lake in Central Asia seems to be named Karakul (black lake) but this one was pretty nice - and much larger than the Karakul lake I visited in China, south of Kashgar. Stayed at a nice homestay, and got an excellent bowl of soup for lunch, which ...