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The Lay of the Land, Round 1, Zhunan, Taiwan travel blog

The Lay of the Land, Round 1

A travel blog entry by sirrocko711


... , performing arts center and informal red-light district all within the same few blocks.  KTV bars (karaoke) are popular in Taiwan and come in two kinds: actual KTVs and "KTVs."  The latter are fronts for brothels/various shady businesses and ...

"Teachah, Teachah!", Zhunan, Taiwan travel blog

"Teachah, Teachah!"

A travel blog entry by sirrocko711

The time came for me to observe and partially teach a lesson at our school.  Josh, the American guy, gave me a run-down of the basics and helped me plan the second half of the lesson.  He would teach the first half while I watched and ...

Spanglishinese or: "Don

Spanglishinese or: "Don't Worry, Be Happy"

A travel blog entry by sirrocko711


... had I run into the level of language/culture/social-everything barrier I was experiencing in Jhunan.  The honeymoon phase of my Taiwan culture shock crashed quickly.  "What awkward B.S. is going to happen this time?" I found myself asking just ...

Arrival & Assorted Disorientation, Zhunan, Taiwan travel blog

Arrival & Assorted Disorientation

A travel blog entry by sirrocko711


... me up, and if not I should call #### phone number.  Hrm... okay we'll see. I eventually arrived in Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan's main gateway to the rest of the world.  By now the lump in my throat was dissolved by massive jet lag and ...