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Trapsin' Around Taipei

A travel blog entry by trent


Arriving back from the east coast and before meeting up with Enon, I had to go get my passpoprt and new Korean work visa from the City Hall area.  After visiting the embassy (who made a typo causing me to wait an extra 30 minutes) I met up with Enon ...

The Art of Taiwan, Jinshan, Taiwan travel blog

The Art of Taiwan

A travel blog entry by welovemondays


... observe and we can certainly appreciate the unusual.  For the record, anyone interested in fine Chinese art should definitely visit Taiwan, it houses far more Qing and Ming dynasty pieces than any collection in China because, well how can we put ...

你好 Taiwan!, Tamsui, Taiwan travel blog

你好 Taiwan!

A travel blog entry by thuang


... After leaving my luggage in my room, Jerry, the Tamkang student that picked me up from the airport, took me to Tamsui (DanShui) Historic Street (淡水老街), which is situated right along the Tamsui River. It is a destination for ...

How the hell did we end up here???, Jinshan, Taiwan travel blog

How the hell did we end up here???

A travel blog entry by aarturi


... ;here in Taiwan we got a little lost on our way.  I don't think most people venture out of the big areas in Taiwan (Taipei, Taroko...).  But we did.  We took a bus up the coast (scenic route) and ended up in what they called their ...

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Fort Santo Domingo

Fort Santo Domingo


Tamsui, Taiwan