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Crusader Castles, Hama, Syria travel blog

Crusader Castles

A travel blog entry by kimandmartin

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... day it is and it usually doesn't matter! From Hama, we travelled south and west to Crac des Chevalier, one of Syria's premier sights. Our guidebook describes Crac as "the epitome of the dream castle or childhood fantasies" (a quote from Paul ...

Waterwheels and vintage cars, Hama, Syria travel blog

Waterwheels and vintage cars

A travel blog entry by el_condor

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God, this is a fantastic country! Syria is, I think, probably the standout highlight of my trip so far, and one of the best countries I have ever travelled. The ceaseless and all-encompassing friendliness of the Syrians is reason enough alone to come ...

Water wheels of Hama, Hama, Syria travel blog

Water wheels of Hama

A travel blog entry by technotrekker

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... . This is fair enough as the same Governor who built the Damascus palace built this one before moving down there. Obviously Hama's is a smaller version but the ablaq masonry and the elegantly carved internal decorations are certainly in the same vein. I ...


Hummin' In Hama..

A travel blog entry by natandkat

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Hama, home to the famous Norias (water wheels)and our base for visiting the number 2 must see site in Syria, Krak De Chevaliers. About Hama then. Hama in it's own right is quite a nice place and after Aleppo a welcome respite from 24 hour honking horns ...