Andermatt, Switzerland

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Hotel Badus Andermatt

Hotel Badus Andermatt

3.50 40 reviews

Gotthardstrasse 25, Andermatt, Switzerland

Hotel Crown Andermatt

Hotel Crown Andermatt

4.50 52 reviews

Gotthardstrasse 64, Andermatt, Switzerland

Hotel Monopol-Metropol Andermatt

Hotel Monopol-Metropol Andermatt

4.00 36 reviews

Gotthardstrasse 43, Andermatt, Switzerland

Hotel Sonne Andermatt

Hotel Sonne Andermatt

4.00 69 reviews

Gotthardstrasse 76, Andermatt, Switzerland

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Who says a scooter can

Who says a scooter can't go over Grimselpass

A travel blog entry by scootergal

This is a top pick!

... " us at all. It made it a very pleasant journey and not at all scary like Italy. Everything that is ever said about Switzerland is true - and every photo you have seen of the wonderful mountain scenery does not do it justice. It is so amazing it ...

Anreise nach Andermatt, Andermatt, Switzerland travel blog

Anreise nach Andermatt

A travel blog entry by rene_sabine


... sind viele andere Velos da, so dass alles etwas länger dauert. Mit der Bahn geht es recht steil hinauf nach Andermatt. Kurz vor Andermatt helfen sich die Velofahrer gegenseitig, um das Ausladen der Räder zügig vorzubereiten. Wir kommen mit einem Herrn ...

Snow rain closed passes and this is Summer, Andermatt, Switzerland travel blog

Snow rain closed passes and this is Summer

A travel blog entry by mrpearsonchris


Our prime reason for being at Andermatt in the Swiss Alps was to sample as many of the road passes as possible. Even before we got to Andermatt our plans changed as the major pass Slivio was closed by an avalance from winter. However undaunted we pressed ...

All Aboard...the Glacier Express, Andermatt, Switzerland travel blog

All Aboard...the Glacier Express

A travel blog entry by jewels1864


... end of lunch, we approached Disentis, a town with a Baroque church, in the distance. It had (like other churches in Switzerland) these strange pointed onion-like domes on top, almost like Greek or Russian Orthodox churches. At this town, our train ...

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Andermatt, Uri, Swiss Alps, Switzerland