Umeå, Sweden

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Scandic Plaza Umea Umeå

Scandic Plaza Umea Umeň

4.00 338 reviews

40 Storgatan, Umeň, Sweden

Scandic Umea South Umeå

Scandic Umea South Umeň

3.50 218 reviews

8 Yrkesvaegen, Umeň, Sweden

Comfort Hotel Winn Umeå

Comfort Hotel Winn Umeň

4.00 670 reviews

62B Skolgatan, Umeň, Sweden

Clarion Collection Hotel Uman Umeå

Clarion Collection Hotel Uman Umeň

4.50 358 reviews

52 Storgatan, Umeň, Sweden

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Umea... rhymes with Ikea and just as interesting, Umea, Sweden travel blog

Umea... rhymes with Ikea and just as interesting

A travel blog entry by tommy

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Here's my thinking: I'm heading North with the ultimate aim of getting to Nordcap at the top of Norway, so why not get off the tourist trail a bit and visit a smaller town where theres good countryside and activities. Good idea, I tell myself and pick a ...

MY TWO JOBS, Umeň, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by modernoddyseus

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... every morning. This earns me free housing and all the "sill" I can eat. Sill is a popular breakfast food here in Sweden. It comes in a jar. Basically, it's flimsy white cubes of herring meat, mixed in with black things that might be herring ...

SWEDES LOVE BICYCLES AND SNUS, Umeň, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by modernoddyseus

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... bit, so I simply hitchhiked Mary Poppins-style, hoisting an umbrella. Pine forests are virtually everywhere in underpopulated Sweden. I saw three mud-gray, stout-antlered moose chomping on grass during the last ride I hitchhiked. That ...

SARA LIDMAN, Umeň, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by modernoddyseus

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In the Umeň city library, there's a display honoring a well-known Swedish author who died this year. The author is shown speaking at gatherings, holding up anti-weapons signs at protests, in foreign countries. She was quite old, probably in her ...