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Maritime outing, Skeppsholmen, Sweden travel blog

Maritime outing

A travel blog entry by chunhin


Ok, don't mean to spam you guys with entries but today was pretty awesome ^^ Skeppsholmen, an old naval island had their open day today, showcasing some of the awesome things around the place...including many many historic boats and some not so historic ...

Vasa Museum, Skeppsholmen, Sweden travel blog

Vasa Museum

A travel blog entry by nahury1


The museum built for the salvaged warship Vasa. This ship capsized on its maiden voyage on 10 August 1628, roughly 100m from shore. Apparently too top heavy with the double cannon deck. Pretty impressive wood carving work on this vessel. A little ...

Stockholm Aquarium, Skeppsholmen, Sweden travel blog

Stockholm Aquarium

A travel blog entry by nahury1


A small aquarium nearby. A larger one is part of Skansen (see next entry). ...

Castle Holmen (Kastellholmen), Skeppsholmen, Sweden travel blog

Castle Holmen (Kastellholmen)

A travel blog entry by nahury1


A medieval-style castle built in 1848. ...