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A day trip to Sweden, Malmö, Sweden travel blog

A day trip to Sweden

A travel blog entry by pennydeakin


We bought our tickets and 35 minutes later we were in Sweden! Again, can't believe how close everything is! The train went over the Oresund Bridge which is an impressive piece of architecture. The view over the sea was gorgeous and you could see the ...

tiden nærmer sig, Malmö, Sweden travel blog

tiden nærmer sig

A travel blog entry by markerpersson

Hvordan fanden pakker man til 4 personer - badeferie vs. storbyferie vs. Riverrafting vs. Junglecamp med max 40 kilo. Min toilettaske plejer at veje mere - tænker at bliver en god og spændende udfordring ...

Ms Pilkington prepares for her imminent departure, Malmö, Sweden travel blog

Ms Pilkington prepares for her imminent departure

A travel blog entry by anmari

... long since ceased to be my place of residence. After nearly 15 years in the clinical sterility and relative efficiency of my adoptive homeland Sweden, there are plenty of causes for concern, even on a measly 10-day trip. Will I be able to cope with the ...

Dag 1, Malmö, Malmö, Sweden travel blog

Dag 1, Malmö

A travel blog entry by kraftkarslilli


... sänn ut när vi titter ut av vinduet pä Subway. Dette er det eneste stedet vi noen gang kommer til ä väre Malmö. En fordel med Interrail er ogssä at man finner ut hvor man aldri mer kommer til ä dra. Vi spiser ...