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Quality Hotel Lulea Luleå

Quality Hotel Lulea Luleň

3.50 59 reviews

Storgatan 17, Luleň, Sweden

Scandic Lulea North Luleå

Scandic Lulea North Luleň

3.00 34 reviews

Banvagen 3, Luleň, Sweden

Nordkalotten Hotel Konferens Luleå

Nordkalotten Hotel Konferens Luleň

3.50 30 reviews

Lulviksvagen 1, Luleň, Sweden

Elite Stadshotell Lulea Luleå

Elite Stadshotell Lulea Luleň

4.00 136 reviews

Storgatan 15, Luleň, Sweden

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Staying close to home, Lulea, Sweden travel blog

Staying close to home

A travel blog entry by kyle-and-lisa


... with an indoor lounge and dance floor...actually a pretty interesting place despite all of the 18 year olds. Because nothing is free in Sweden (no, not even grocery bags) we paid $13 to get in and went through 2 rounds of ID checking by security guards. ...

Welcome to our "hus", Lulea, Sweden travel blog

Welcome to our "hus"

A travel blog entry by kyle-and-lisa


Hello all! Our free wifi has sadly gone away, so this will be a quick update of photos. We are at a very beautiful and modern library now with floor to ceiling windows looking out over the city, just magic. More to ...

Lost in Translation, Lulea, Sweden travel blog

Lost in Translation

A travel blog entry by kyle-and-lisa


  I got up yesterday and stepped outside on the rain-speckled porch, crunched down the gravel driveway and strutted up the street to the shopping district. I'm lucky, this may be the only year of my life where I get to experience two springs. It ...

Exploring, Lulea, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by kyle-and-lisa


... about the possibility of renting a car for the weekend. Many of us are interested in driving to a "nice cabin" in western Sweden located in the mountains...recommended by someone. Should have some nice hiking. Also very close to a Norway boarder city ...

Attractions in Luleå

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Norrbottens Museum

Norrbottens Museum


Storgatan 2, Postadress Box 266 Luleå, Norrbotten, Lapland, Sweden