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Midsommar, Ljugarn, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by sarahjs

Midsommar! I've been waiting for this holiday since I arrived. Plan changed early in the week, and everyone decided to come to Ljugarn to celebrate midsommar. Our new plan was to celebrate a Anton's caravan, which is parked on a site in Ljugarn for the ...

Summer is On Its Way!, Ljugarn, Sweden travel blog

Summer is On Its Way!

A travel blog entry by sarahjs

Now it's everyone's turn back home to be jealous of MY weather. It's been soo HOT, that I swear it's the end of June, not the middle of May. We had our first BBQ of the year Saturday! It's been a quiet week. Been doing some babysitting for Anna and ...

Doing nothing, again!, Ljugarn, Sweden travel blog

Doing nothing, again!

A travel blog entry by sarahjs

... 's family's house on Tuesday night for his brother's birthday. Had rice porridge (which is a tradition for birthday celebrations in Sweden), and then cookies, tarts, buns and finally cake. Birthday parties in Sweden are not good for those looking to lose ...

Valborg Fest, Ljugarn, Sweden travel blog

Valborg Fest

A travel blog entry by sarahjs


... winter. It is common to light a huge bonfire (historically bonfires were lit to keep away evil or bad spirits). Of course in Sweden, this holiday, like all others is a great oppurtunity for people to gather and eat tons of sil (pickled herring) and drink ...