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Funny signs in SWEDEN, Kilafors, Sweden travel blog

Funny signs in SWEDEN

A travel blog entry by cpiotto


I wanted to add some pics of some funny signs from Sweden... Some of them are just plain confusing with all of the different characters and words, others are plain funny (like the car driving into the sea!) I still havent got a moose sign, but I will ...

Life in Sweden, Kilafors, Sweden travel blog

Life in Sweden

A travel blog entry by cpiotto


Do you remember in the movie Pulp Fiction, when Travolta is talking about the differences between France and the USA and how he describes it as the little things... in France they put mayonaise on their french fries, you can buy a beer at McDonalds etc ...

New Photos, Kilafors, Sweden travel blog

New Photos

A travel blog entry by cpiotto

I have added a few photos from the last couple of entries... Sorry it has taken a while, but I didnt have a great connection. Enjoy ...

Back to where it all started..., Kilafors, Sweden travel blog

Back to where it all started...

A travel blog entry by cpiotto

Back to Helena's parents house... Unpack and ...