Lobamba, Swaziland

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Only half guilty your honour, Piet Retief, South Africa travel blog

Only half guilty your honour

A travel blog entry by off_road_clara

This is a top pick!

Speeding is OK - as long as you are only half guilty and it's before lunch time. Not speeding is a crime, punishable by ...

The orphans of Swaziland, Mlilwane, Swaziland travel blog

The orphans of Swaziland

A travel blog entry by pachi


... tour focused on the orphans of the village. As approximately one third of the population is HIV positive, there are many orphans in Swaziland. In this particular village there are over 200. As we entered the village some were there to welcome us. The lady ...

hello swaziland, Lobamba, Swaziland travel blog

hello swaziland

A travel blog entry by asconners

Access to internet here is a much different thing than in South Africa. I have to take a twenty minute taxi ride just to get into the Mbabane to get on the internet, so sorry for the delay. I am working at Emanule, which is an orphange just less than ...

Ngwenya recycled glass factory, Ngwenya, Swaziland travel blog

Ngwenya recycled glass factory

A travel blog entry by whiteant


Another pitstop... this is a recycled glass factory just across the South African border. Sure it's a tourist trap, but hey, the stuff is beautiful, and with hindsight, its about 1/3 the price the glass is by the time it gets to PE or Cape Town. Stunning ...

Attractions in Lobamba

Lobamba Attractions (2)
House of Parliament

House of Parliament


Lobamba, Swaziland

This public building houses the legislative branch of the Swaziland government.

National Museum

National Museum


Lobamba, Swaziland

This cultural museum and adjacent beehive hut village were established in 1972.