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Tangalled Up in Blue, Tangalle, Sri Lanka travel blog

Tangalled Up in Blue

A travel blog entry by cosmicllama

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... damage is said to pale in comparison to that of the east, is horribly affected nonetheless. It is apparent that Sri Lanka needs major assistance. And the country is receiving assistance. Refugee camps are set up throughout the region; international ...

Barmy army and fresh fish on the beach, Mirissa South, Sri Lanka travel blog

Barmy army and fresh fish on the beach

A travel blog entry by aborder

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... commercially driven. The one difference was March 26 when I headed into Galle to see day 1 of the first Test match between England and Sri Lanka. Sonja had the chance to have a lazy day in Mirissa but she joined me (thank you) on the hour long bus ride ...

Back to the Beach, Marisa, Sri Lanka travel blog

Back to the Beach

A travel blog entry by hildreth75

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... ; It was a good day....    The next couple of days I surfed, went for beach jogs and checked out the town of Weligama.  When I was wondering around town I met a local guy named Dilium.  At first I was a bit skeptical of his offer to ...

Weligama, Weligama, Sri Lanka travel blog


A travel blog entry by pablito


Am now in Weligama on the south west coast, the easy surfing beach break of the area. Sri Lanka has finally and totally lost it's overly long monsoon and it has not now rained at all for a week or so.... Not since Bubbly, Dillip and Leela left leaving ...

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Mirissa Water Sports

Mirissa Water Sports


Mirissa Harbour, Mirissa Weligama, Sri Lanka